Travel Map template for Blogger

Blogabond has been growing steadily this year, and one thing that has really taken off is the Travel Map Widget that lets you embed an itinerary map into your blog.

At first, it might seem strange that a blogging site like Blogabond should offer tools to help people blogging elsewhere. After all, why not just force people to migrate their stuff over to Blogabond if they want to get a little map up on top of their blog?

But there's the rub. Forcing people to do things is BAD. People hate being told what to do. In this case, they've got a perfectly good blog going already, thank you very much, and all they want is a stinking map to put on it. Personally, I'll take a little goodwill over a new user any day, so it makes a lot of sense to just give these little freebies away.

In that spirit, you can now download an entire Blogger template that will give you the best of all possible worlds. Here's what it will look like if you install it on your blog:

Travel Blog template for Blogger

So yeah, go nuts and try it out for yourself.

Get a free Travel Map template for Blogger from!

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